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*ALERT*  We will not be shipping orders between August 21st - September 1st!!!  You CAN place online orders during this time. Your order will be processed September 2nd.  We can not take phone orders during this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.


We make inexpensive engraved championship rings out of jewelers bronze starting at just $49.00.  Most of the rings are Made In America and feature Virtual Diamonds which are 3 mm round cubic zirconium. We now also have a great Silver football ring. Now just $129.00 Super fast service!  Most rings will ship in 24 hours!

These custom engraved rings are an alternative to trophies and plaques. These rings are big, obnoxious and in your face. These rings are designed to make all your friends know who the champion is!

While everyone else is raising prices we still have a $49.00 ring and have lowered shipping prices.  Bobble heads are reduced to just $25.00.  We now give you 10% off orders from March to June.

Now selling  Clone NFL Superbowl rings start your collection now or give a great gift to your favorite football fan.